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The Ben ROche Project


What TBRP is About.

This website serves as a celebration of the life of
Benjamin C. Roche. He was the son, brother and friend to nearly everyone he came in contact with.

The "project" refers to the very nature of this "memorialization". In large part the project relies on contributors of content. Whatever that form is. Photos and kind words are the obvious contributions, but being that Ben was involved in so many creative facets, we seek to cover any an or all of them. Music, video, images, whatever helps keep Ben in your heart will likely find a place here on the site. We appreciate any contributions and we will do our best to provide those memories to others. 

The second half of this project is the dedication to curbing the tide of addiction that is afflicting this country. Ben died for one reason. TBRP seeks to educate the public on this pandemic and give those afflicted with this terrible disease some hope, support and love.

In his honor, we are putting together a foundation in hopes that we can prevent this type of tragedy from affecting another group of family and friends.  Please consider donating to the cause...every donation helps and every dollar goes towards directly helping others. 


Get Help

If you have found this page, likely you need help. Hang in there, there is hope and you are not alone. Here is a list of services that provide concrete help for what you are going through. For parents, or those who want to be informed, see our "Pandemic News" page.